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A Room With a View - E. M. Forster

A Room with a View is one of those few books that stayed in my mind long afterwards. Its insights are profound and caused me to consider the meanings it contained.

A Room with a View is the story of Miss Lucy Honeychurch. Her growing to maturity, breaking the shackles and conventions of youth into the maturity and freedom of adulthood. This one person represents the struggle of the age that was breaking away from the conventions of Victorian society and scruples.

Forster makes reference several times in the book to light and darkness.
Light = intimacy, freedom, knowledge.
Darkness = deception, not being true to oneself, allowing someone else to tell one how to live.

View - view of life; of love. Love and passion are the true view.
There were two VIEWS - one at home in Windy Corner overlooking the Weald; the other in Italy, both in a room in Florence and in Fiesco overlooking the city, representing the old and the new. The old and new ways of looking at life; youth and maturity; bondage and freedom.