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A step down from The Mary Russell series

The Bones of Paris: A Novel of Suspense - Laurie R. King

The good:

Set in Paris.

The basic plot idea is interesting.

It was written by Laurie R. King and I thoroughly enjoyed The Beekeepers Apprentice.

The bad:

Long on irrelevant details. Every bar that the protagonist visits in search of clues is detailed.

Scenes jumped around from here to there.

A couple of times I noticed he/she were mixed up.

Details that were unrealistic: police leaving lock-picking tools and case notes in Stuyvesant's suit after he was arrested.

I was unsympathetic to the protagonist. Harris Stuyvesant, former FBI agent, sounded more like a hokey tourist than a private investigator.

The secondary characters were unbelievable.
How does Stuyvesant determine if photographs of possible victims are real? Send them to be looked at by a shell-shocked war veteran who is good at reading people.